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Jewish citizens of pre-war Krakow. Vol. 5: Places and People (PL)

02.07.2022 - 12:00 / Ethnographic Museum, plac Wolnica 1

Jewish Inhabitants of pre-war Krakow. Vol. 5, Places and People – a meeting with Ewa Mańkowska, moderator Janusz Makuch

Janusz Makuch and Ewa Mańkowska-Grin will talk about them, and the talk will focus on notebooks to be read from the series Jewish Inhabitants of Krakow compiled by Ewa Mańkowska-Grin. The meeting will also premiere volume 5, entitled Places and People. The leitmotif of this volume is the participation of Krakow Jews in the development of places of culture, heritage and national remembrance, for example Wawel, the National Museum, Józef Piłsudski Mound, the Collegium Maius Museum, and the Collegium Novum. The publication presents forgotten places such as Józefówka, the Polish Painting Salon, the first permanent Krakow cinema called Cyrk Edisona, the Uciecha cinema, shops and families from Stradom and Koletek streets, characters who the biographers have missed such as Beniamin Torbe – builder, architect of about 130 buildings in Krakow, Julian Klaczko or Helena Lustgarten. It will mark unexpected places and show unique photos such as ones from a summer camp in the kibbutz in Cichy Kącik, it will describe the history of the kibbutz in Bonarka which was full of flowers. The notebook includes artists, scientists, collectors, architects, athletes, industrialists, doctors, craftsmen, social activists and traders who influenced the look of our city.

The aim of the publication of the EMG series of notebooks on Jewish inhabitants of Krakow, fragmentary and subjective of necessity, is to present portraits of Polish Jews who lived and worked in Krakow or were otherwise associated with it, contributing to the development of Polish culture. These characters, often forgotten, are symbols of the community of over 60,000, once involved in the development of our city.

The heroes of the previous volumes will also be presented at the meeting: vol. 4 on Women, vol. 3 on Cuisine and Culture, vol. 2 on Art and Culture, vol. 1 on Jewish Inhabitants of Krakow