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“Photographs and Dreams”

29.06.2022 - 15:00 / Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18

A meeting with the curators of the exhibition “Sweet Home Sweet. A Story of Survival, Memory, and Returns”
Discussion, PL, EN
Tomasz Strug, Monika Bielak, Adam Schorin

This discussion will be broadcasted live on the Galicia Jewish Museum Facebook fanpage

The exhibition “Sweet Home Sweet: A Story of Survival, Memory, and Returns” tells the story of Ryszard Ores, his family and their relationship to Poland spanning nearly a century. Ryszard had life-long fascination with photography. He constantly documented his own experiences as well as those of the people around him. The exhibition presented at the Galicia Jewish Museum is largely based on photographs from Ryszard’s collection: those he took himself, as well as those he managed to save from the war. The exhibition also includes other unusual items such as a typescript of Ryszard’s memories written down after the war and found only after his death. The opening chapter is a description of a touching dream that “like the others, takes me into the past, as if they were a time machine.”
The photographs of Ryszard Ores and the dreams he described will be discussed by the exhibition curators: Monika Bielak, Adam Schorin and Tomasz Strug.

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