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Liraz performs under the patronage of the Kulczyk Foundation

Our cooperation with the Kulczyk Foundation started many years ago. Every year during the festival, one of the concerts is dedicated to the memory of late Jan Kulczyk and continues the work of this great Polish philanthropist, promoting mutual respect among people of different cultures, backgrounds, religions, social and cultural groups.

This year’s concert under auspices of the Kulczuk Foundation has a very special meaning. It will be performed by Liraz – one of the greatest personalities on Israeli musical and film stages. Her family came to Israel from Iran many years ago but their respect to the country of origin has been one of crutial elements of their identity. Liraz has felt this connection so much, that – as she says – she became a voice of Iranian women, who were deprived of their own voice, their own history, their own hopes and … future.

Liraz tells their history, tells about their life in Iran – their home country, that excluded them, their home country in which they became invisible. Liraz’s recent project Roya was secretely recorded with Iranian musicians, who took the risk and came all the way to Stambul, where they recorded with Liraz. This Sunday, they will also join Liraz onstage during the concert – for the first time in a live show together. In the Tempel synagogue, during 31st Jewish Culture Festival.

Concert will be opened by Ms. Dominka Kulczyk, President of the Kulczyk Foundation, who is very much engaged in women’s issues – whether this is fighting for their rights or helping them in their struggle in everyday lives. Just like Liraz.

The first concert under auspices of the Kulczyk Foundation was held at the Jewish Culture Festival in 2016. It was opened by Dominika Kulczyk and Tad Taube.