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Jeremiah Lockwood (pianino, organ), cantor Yaakov Lemmer (vocal), cantor Shimi Miller (vocal), cantor Yoel Kohn (vocal) 
Airis String QuartetAleksandra Czajor-Kowalska (1st violin), Grażyna Zubik (2nd violin), Malwina Tkaczyk (viola), Mateusz Mańka (cello)

A small but vibrant group of young singers have taken up the style of pre-World War Two cantorial music as their art form of choice, performing tracks recorded almost a century ago as their key repertoire. While some of these singers grew up in families with elder cantors they could learn from, other artists discovered the music directly from old records. In what might look to outsiders like an environment that discourages self-expression, these artists delve into the past to find their own expressive style. Produced by scholar and musician Jeremiah Lockwood, and featuring Yanky Lemmer, Shimmy Miller and Yoel Kohn, three of the key voices of the Chassidic cantorial music scene, Golden Ages is a celebration of new sounds culled from the hidden sonic world of “golden age” cantorial music.

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Digital version of the record is available at Bandcamp, where you can also order the vinyl. If you would like to order it directly, please contact our office per e-mail for more details