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Quality Label of EU for The Machers!

Volunteers have helped us with the festival since its very first edition in 1988. Now, more than 30 years later JCF received a Quality Label of a Leading Organization of the European Solidarity Corps for The Machers – a special project for volunteers. This is for us a great opportunity to develop this program into a new directions!

The Machers – our all-year round program for volunteers – after more than 30 years of its functioning, has become one of the pillars of our activities, next to the festival and Cheder. We are pioneers in many fields, including international volunteering program, that we launched already in 2012. Since that time we hosted volunteers from most of European countries, Israel, the United States, India, Pakistan, Peru, Kongo, Kazachstan. In 2018 we started program for senior volunteers.

Thanks to that Quality Label, beyond hosting international volunteers, we can also coordinate and organize work of  Polish volunteers in other EU-countries. We can also build strategic partnerships in order to share and disseminate our experience with other organziations in Europe. 

More information obout our volunteering program you will find under the link below. If you have any questions, would like to join The Machers or you have iideas for cooperation – please write to Edyta, who is a manager of our volunteering program.

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