Hadassa Goldvicht, Things to Buy in Kazimierz

The search for a fleeting, familiar treasure, being cut into fragments in order to retrieve a memory. One foot in the air, one still on the pier. Past and present, life and myth intertwine. Every day, one letter is released: a chapter in the process of mourning.

After dreaming about a treasure hidden under a bridge in Prague, a poor Jew from Krakow called Isaac travels there, only to find that the treasure was located under the stove in his own kitchen all along.

digital text work: ThingstobuyinKazimierz.com, in collaboration with: Aleksandra Trakul, Olga Firlej

The letters were published at ThingstobuyinKazimierz.com  – one for each day of the festival. To follow the artist’s tour of Kazimierz, please read the letters in the following specific locations:

25.06 – Eden Hotel, ul. Ciemna 15
26.06 – Synagoga Poppera, Szeroka 16
27.06 – Kładka Bernatka
28.06 – Stara Synagoga, ul. Szeroka
29.06 – Skwer Ozjasza Thona (in front of Tempel Synagogue)
30.06 – ul. Starowislna 77
1.07 – ul. Józefa 42
2.07 – ul. Szeroka, the Nissenbaum Foundation memorial
3.07 – CKŻ, ul. Meiselsa 17 – cafe on the rooftop
4.07 – during your departure from Krakow

Interview with Hadassa Goldvicht (in English)


Hadassa Goldvicht is an interdisciplinary artist, currently living and working in Jerusalem, Israel. In her work, which revolves around language and ritual, she moves back and forth from large-scale public interventions with members of communities and institutions, to works created within the private domain. In the past two decades her work has been exhibited widely. Her works are included in major collections, both private and public. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (2004) and the School of Visual Arts in New York (2007).


photo: Michał Ramus
photo: Michał Ramus
photo: Michał Ramus
photo: Michał Ramus
photo: Michał Ramus
photo: Michał Ramus
photo: Michał Ramus

zdjęcie: Michał Ramus
video: Julia Kawka

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