ul. Dajwór (na tyłach Starej Synagogi)

When it is hard to find the words, we tell stories.

In “Maiseh”, which is the Yiddish word for tale (מייסע), seven legends are told in the public space. These stories are vehicles to grapple with loss, misfortune, betrayal and broken hearts. They arm us with humor, hope, courage and love. They bring us together.

Between June 25th and July 3rd, artists from Israel, Germany and Poland tell their version of legends from Krakow – in performances, drawings, murals, sound installations, workshops, and letters. Listen to these stories as they unfold in the streets of Kazimierz. 

Yuval Yairi
Observation Point

Installation, drawings in collaboration with: Paulina Witaszczyk

A house of worship was built inside of a swamp. The temple remains but the swamp no longer exists – or does it? The wetlands are a mysterious place. If a church can be erected here, anything is possible…

legend: According to Jan Dlugosz’ Chronicles, after a long lost monstrance was found in the Mathe swamp in Krakow, King Casimir had the Corpus Christi Church erected on the wetlands.

25.06 – 3.07 – 24/7

Yuval Yairi is a visual artist who lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel. He graduated from the Visual Communications Department at WIZO Haifa Academy in 1988. Yuval’s work is devoted to artistic research and practice, working mainly with photography, video and drawing. He explores historically, culturally or politically charged places that are also associated with his personal biography and memory – transformed through his personal perspective, deconstructing and recomposing spaces, times and events. Yuval’s works have been featured at international museums, galleries, and festivals, and are included in public and private collections.


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Maiseh was created especially for the 31st Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow

Curatorial team: Yael Sherill, Lianne Mol & Julia Kawka – Curatorial Collective for Public Art / Berlin, Meydad Eliyahu – HaMiffal / Jerusalem, Paweł Kowalewski – Jewish Culture Festival / Kraków