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WORKSHOPS FOR SENIORS: Hazana. Zero waste in kitchen. (PL)

29.06.2022 - 11:00 / JCF Tent, ul. Józefa 36

According to the Jewish calendar, every seven years there is a shemit (Hebrew שמיטה – Sabbath year), its arrival is marked by several restrictions – such as the prohibition to cultivate land. During the Sabbath year, the soil rests, it is reborn without the interference of man and his machines. Although the Jewish law applies only to the chosen people, it can inspire us to treat food with more awareness. Instead of stopping to grow crops, we can choose our seasonal vegetables wisely and use them just as wisely. In order to give the soil a rest, we must learn to eat all parts of its gifts in order to be able to fully appreciate them.

During the workshop, Ms Anna Patrzałek will help us discover vegetables in an unusual edition. We will make delicious dishes using very ripe fruit or slightly wilted vegetables. Humus, quiches and cream soups will allow us to turn less crunchy vegetables into a tasty and very nutritious meal.

Let us learn to appreciate the gifts of nature and use them fully to the last bite.

FREE ADMISSION, limited number of participants (15 persons), free antrance cards available at