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Water in Judaism: symbols and rituals (PL)

28.06.2022 - 17:00 / 2 Okna Café, ul. Józefa 40

The word “water” appears already in the second verse of the Torah in the book of Bereshit (Genesis) after the description of the creation of heaven and earth. However, “water” is not described as having been created. It is already there and the Presence of the Creator hovers over it while He continues his work. The great commentator Rashi, who lived in France in the 11th century, was amazed by this description and wondered what it meant. Had water been created even earlier and the description in Bereshit is not at all chronological? We can also ask other questions. Was water created? What is the relationship between the Creator and the element of water? And what does it accordingly imply for the relationship between man and this element?

In Judaism, water symbolises life in both its physical and spiritual dimensions. Water is a symbol and a tool which divides, purifies, transforms and transitions; it is used in important rituals such as hand washing (during the Sabbath, other holidays, but also during visits to a cemetery), New Year’s tashlikh, immersion in a mikveh (a pool with living water), or tahara (washing ceremony of the deceased). Water rituals are some of the oldest and were present in Judaism while the faithful were wandering through the desert and later in the temple worship.

During the workshop we will find out together the complexity of meanings and roles of the element of water in Judaism by studying and discussing biblical texts (but not only).

Free entrance, limited number of participants (10 persons), free antrance cards available at