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Roja – Liraz & ensemble

03.07.2022 - 18:00 / Tempel Synagogue, ul. Miodowa 24 | Live:

Singer, songwriter and actress Liraz has taken her shimmering electro-pop underground. She’s turned it into something dangerous and even more beautiful than before. For her second album, Zan (“Women” in Farsi), the Israeli-Persian singer collaborated online with composers and musicians from Iran. 

Her third album Roya, which we will be able to hear during a concert in Tempel Synagogue, was recorded in collaboration with Iranian artists, who secretly and bravely joined Liraz and her Israeli band for 2 weeks of recordings in Instanbul. Everything had to be secretive to avoid the gaze of Tehran’s mullahs and secret police. The result is her private revolution, songs with a true message, music to make people dance and smile – and above all, think.  

We belong to each other.
Misfits. Different, yet the same.
I spent years seeking my inner truth,
Only to discover how similar it is to yours.
Finding it made me fearless.
Finding it allowed me to search for you.
It was my fantasy, my Roya. My journey to find you, despite the obstacles in our paths.
Roya is an album assembled out of secrets,
recorded underground, Iranians and Israelis meeting, collaborating, creating.
Against all odds. In defiance of the odds.
We met, even though we were told we could not.
We created, even though we thought we could never.
Fear and joy mingling together, love and laughter engulfing us.
Sound and song filling a 43 year long void, giving a voice to those women who have been muted for so long.
Thank you, my Iranian friends, for giving me this opportunity to speak my inner truth, to fulfill my fantasy, my Roya. This is an album created from our stories, an album that dreams of freedom, of a time when we are no longer misfits, for we fit in, together. My heart is yours.

Tickets (N: 100 / U: 70 PLN) available at and one hour before the concert at the antrance to the venue.