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“Proof of identity” – meeting with Mikołaj Grynberg and a film screening (PL)

01.07.2022 - 10:00 / JCC Krakow, ul. Miodowa 24

What does it mean to be a Polish Jew in the year 2021? What do they build their identity around when they are twenty years old and when they’re two or three times that age? What influences them based on whether they belong to a religious or secular community? Mikołaj Grynberg – an outstanding writer, reporter, photographer, and author of, among others, collections of short stories “Rejwach” and “Confidential”. “Proof of Identity” is the result of the “Who We Are” project, under which Mikołaj Grynberg created a 10-minute film complementing the core exhibition “1000 years of the history of Polish Jews” at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Film screening and a meeting 
Led by: Michalina Majewska