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OFF / FKŻ Studio: Orion Orient

01.07.2022 - 20:00 / JCF Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | Live:, Facebook JCF

Off Radio Kraków has featured in the Jewish Culture Festival programme for several years in a row now. This time the radio station will be responsible for one of the festival evenings. Paulina Bisztyga, Eta Hox and Martyna Masztalerz will host live programmes inviting interesting artists to talk, and listeners to co-create the station with their presence in the festival tent. Off Radio Kraków loves art the most, therefore, after a two-hour part filled with meetings and interviews, it will be time to dance. In 2022, the amazing duo Orion Orient has joined the team, and they will play a set filled with ethnic inspirations.

A project created by Squal and Kaj’ta – two DJs, promoters and music freaks. They love to play and have been doing it for over two decades. They have played with Tel Aviv celebrities such as Omri Smadar, Gal Kadan, David Pearl and Khen Elmaleh. In the JCF tent, they will present a set that draws on cultures from the Far to the Middle East. During the two-hour performance you will hear live instruments, and after closing your eyes you will be taken to sandy deserts, taste the salt of the Dead Sea and feel the wind from the Golan Heights on your faces. Come and get carried away!