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Mayim Hayim, or water for the mill of Jewish music.

01.01.1970 - 19.05 - 20.00 / on air - Radio Krakow and

Water, in Hebrew called Mayim, was not created – it was there before the world had been made. It is no coincidence that for some time now we have been looking all over the universe for planets abundant in water so as to be able to establish colonies for ourselves there in the future.

The conclusion is simple – there is no life without water.

I know that it’s a cliche and people who need not worry about the lack of it (for a day or two longer…) are completely unaware of this problem.

Compared to the other elements, water in Jewish culture has an almost infinite range of meanings, what’s more, it blurs the line between symbols, pours out of metaphors and in the sacred dimension it plays an almost earthly role. Or rather a subterranean one, as sources, that is water in its purest form, spring from the bowels of the earth.

Can you describe water with music?
(I don’t know. I’ll try.)
Although to tell you the truth – why not?

Janusz Makuch

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