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In the alleys of the history (PL)

01.07.2022 - 11:00 / Starting point: JCF Office, ul. Józefa 36

Don’t you sometimes wish you could meet Remu, the great rabbi of Krakow, and hear from him what life was like in his time? And what social problems he had to deal with? Or that you could listen to Rabbi Natan Spira, the great Polish cabalist, and hear how he talked about the secrets he heard while wandering the streets of Kazimierz at night?

Or maybe to Rabbi BaCha (Joel Sirkes) to find out what problems the Cracovians faced when he became the rabbi of Krakow?
Or to hear from Rabbi Krengil about debates on religious topics which stirred up intense emotions in the hearts of the members?
Or to find out from Rabbi Horowitz how he protected the poor members of the Community from the rich?
Or, if you liked Covid 19, would you like to hear a little about the problems that occurred during the epidemic (Covid 0.1 0.2 etc.)? Dajan (rabbinical judge) Raphael Auerbach can tell you about it.

All these people, as well as many other good and famous people who lived, taught or died here in Krakow, will accompany us on our short tour through the streets of Kazimierz and tell you about the turbulent and interesting life that has been going on here for centuries.

Tickets (20 PLN) available at, limited number of participants (25 persons)