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Dance & movement workshops „Move on together” Ilan Lev’s method #1 (PL/EN)

29.06.2022 - 16:00 / School & Preschool complex number 3 in Krakow, Miodowa 36

The Ilan Lev method is an Israeli form of working with the body used to remove pain, chronic tensions, and widely understood dysfunctions of the human body. The central concepts of the method are effortlessness, chaos, and burden-giving. Working with the ILM allows the patient to develop potential and free themself from functional blockages.

Led by: Tomasz Pomersbach PL, Ady Elzam IL, Manou Koreman NL
Organizer: JCC Krakow
Partners: Move On Together Israeli Way and Hillel  Kraków