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Czarne in Galicia: “Treasures. Seekers and Guardians of Jewish Memory”

28.06.2022 - 17:00 / Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18

Czarne in Galicia: “Treasures. Seekers and Guardians of Jewish Memory”
Patrycja Dołowy, moderated by Monika Ochędowska
Meeting with the Author, PL

There is a Rosenthal sugar bowl full of gems, twelve golden eggs, and Grandpa Pinchas’ mysterious map. There is a journey back in time in the footsteps of lost heritage.

In 2017, Patrycja Dołowy was asked for help – her American friend, Michelle Levy, wanted to find out something about her great-grandmother Salomea. The journey began, took an unexpected course and led in surprising directions. During this journey, Patrycja Dołowy met other searchers: American descendants of Polish Jews who came back to Poland following either a legend of a lost family treasure or a vision of a lost country. She also met Poles who have become local guardians of Jewish memory. She was intrigued by the motives behind these people’s actions. What does it mean to continuously live with graves, and what does it mean to live without them? Poland is full of Jewish things: left, taken care of, taken away, appropriated, found, and those which are still waiting to be discovered. It is not gold. It is something more valuable than gold: these are the traces of millions of lives that we need to remember.

Partner: Czarne Publishing House