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Curatorial tour of the “Sarah Imeinu” exhibition (PL)

30.06.2022 - 13:00

We’d like to invite you to a curatorial tour of an exhibition that centers around the comic about Sarah Schenirer – “Sarah Imeinu”. Schenirer was a social and educational activist who started a revolution in the education of Jewish women by opening the Beis Yaakov school. The exhibition presents enlarged comic boards with the entire narration transferred from the comic to the walls at JCC Krakow, as well as original drawings created by Julia Naurzalijewa (, introducing you to the world of Sarah Schenirer. The comic book was co-financed by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute and is available for download for free access at:

The exhibition was created in cooperation with JCC Krakow, Mifgash Foundation, and Hillel Polska.

Led by: Olga Adamowska, Justyna Arabska, Marcjanna Kubala

limit: 30 participants