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Curatorial guided tour: “10 Polish Cities—10 Jewish Stories”

28.06.2022 - 11:00 EN, 12:00 PL / Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18

Led by: Edward Serotta (EN), Anna Wencel (PL)

“10 Polish Cities—10 Jewish Stories” is the second permanent exhibition presented at the Galicia Jewish Museum in the Taube Family Gallery. The exhibition was created in cooperation with Centropa, one of the chief partners of the Galicia Jewish Museum. This exhibition is based on the personal stories and family photographs of ten Polish Jews.

The authors intentionally give voice to the people of the exhibition, adding only explanations that are necessary to understand their specific stories. This makes the individuals’ experiences of the 20th century fully heard, so that their personal stories are not lost among dates and numbers.

Partner: Centropa