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CLASSICS AT NOON: Khazones Soul Party

03.07.2022 - 12:00 / Festival Tent, ul. Józefa 36 | Live:

Yoel Kohn is the son of a well-known bal tefilo (prayer leader) in the Brooklyn Chassidic community. From an early age, he became obsessed with “golden age” cantorial records, mastering the repertoire and nuances of Jewish vocalists of the early 20th century. Through a musical career defined by deep listening, synagogue performance, back room jam sessions and flirtation with internet fame, Yoel has developed a voice as one of the most energetic and soulful performers of cantorial music. This is no history homework or exercise in nostalgia–Yoel is a living breathing cantorial firebrand embodying the individuality, non-conformity and creativity of the great Jewish vocal artists of a century ago.

For this solo recital, Kohn will be joined by musician and scholar Jeremiah Lockwood on guitar, keyboard and vocals. Jeremiah Lockwood is a singer, guitarist, composer and scholar with an intimate knowledge of musical traditions and techniques that stretch from Piedmont blues to the cantorial tradition of his family. His band The Sway Machinery has appeared at the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival in several editions. His work engages with issues arising from peering into the archive and imagining the power of “lost” forms of expression to articulate keenly felt needs in the present. Jeremiah’s PhD thesis and current book project focus on the work of cantors in the Brooklyn Chassidic community.

Yoel Kohn (vocal), Jeremiah Lockwood (guitar, keyboard)


Jeremiah Lockwood
Yoel Kohn