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“Classical Polish and Ukrainian Jewish Music: An Overview”

03.07.2022 - 18:30

Lecture, EN
Neal Brostoff
Partners: Taube Philanthropies, Beit Poland, American Society for Jewish Music, Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Jewish Music Foundation

The lecture preceding the concert will shed light on the historical and cultural backgrounds of the music being presented. Not all of the compositions reveal a Jewish character, such as Maria Szymanowska’s charming Nocturne for piano 3 hands. However, her undisputed influence on Chopin’s compositional style has Jewish relevance. The 20th-century Polish and Ukrainian Jewish composers Weinberg, Tansman and Klebanov were giants of Jewish art music and proudly proclaimed their Jewish heritage in their music. Dmitri Klebanov is now emerging from the shadows of Soviet-era repression, while the others have established themselves in the Jewish music canon, with music performed and recorded on a global scale.