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“Anti-Zionism in Israel and in the World”

02.07.2022 - 11:00 / Galicia Jewish Museum, ul. Dajwór 18

Arie Golan, Jacek Stawiski, Bartosz Duszyński, moderated by Dr. Ewa Węgrzyn

Partners: Theodor Herzl and Ozjasz Thon Center for Research on Contemporary Israel and Polish-Israeli Relations, Institute of Jewish Studies at Jagiellonian University

Anti-Zionism and antisemitism are in a dangerous relation. In today’s world, under the slogans of anti-Zionism, it is more and more common to not only criticize the Israeli authorities but also to completely reject the contemporary Jewish state. Where did contemporary anti-Zionism come from and what are its faces? This topic will be discussed by Jacek Stawiski, a Polish journalist and editor, Arie Golan, an Israeli journalist, and Bartosz Duszyński.