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A walk to the sources of the JEWISH CULTURE FESTIVAL (PL)

27.06.2022 - 16:00 / Starting point: JCF Office, ul. Józefa 36

I’ve been here since I can remember – since 1980, or maybe since the time when the Jewish Town of Kazimierz was still an island tenderly embraced by the waters of the Wisła River. For me, it is still an island that protects itself against the flood of food and vodka barbarism. The stupid, soulless element of gentrification will consume it someday like the city of Atlantis, I’m afraid.

It will be nice if you join me to walk in the footsteps of the Jewish presence, which I have been treading for centuries with Krakow Jews in the times when Kazimierz was an island lovingly embraced by Jewish love. I will show you the hidden source which gave rise to the Festival.

Tickets (20 PLN) available at, limited number of participants (25 persons)