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Afterparty in Hevre

24.06.2022 - 21:00 / HEVRE, ul. Meiselsa 18

Feeria is a DJs’ collective consisting of Człowiek Bakłażan and DJ Falafel. At their shows, they play dance music with a distinctly ethnic colour – oriental downtempo, Arab disco or African house:

Człowiek Bakłażan – a DJ living in Krakow. You can listen to him in cosy Krakow cellars such as Alchemia or Święta Krowa clubs. He has appeared with some of the best-known house and techno stars, such as DJ Hell, I Hate Models, Mall Grab or Remco Beekwilder.
Regardless of what he plays, he is very patient and consistent in his work, he hates gimmicks in his sets, his music must “flow”. Recently, he has been experimenting a lot with slower, more ethnic ambience.
Dj Falafel – also known as Kfjatek, is a Krakow DJ and promoter, collector of black records who cooperates with many iconic venues and is the author of ambitious radio shows and series of events. Under a new nick, he promotes non-Eurocentric sounds, focusing primarily on the music of the Middle East, Africa and South America.