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Afterparty in HEVRE

02.07.2022 - 21:00 / Hevre, ul. Meiselsa 18

Funklore (MLDVA DJs) & Universo

Universo is Łukasz Maszczyński’s project and the result of his moving away from sounds rooted in hip-hop released for over a decade under the nickname of Kixnare. His first vinyl EP Amazones (2015) was released by the Polish Transatlantyk, and shortly afterwards, Universo’s songs appeared on several other releases of the label, incl. Afro-dance Umhlaba from the album Trans Africa and melancholic Nes Sous from the compilation Polo House. Later on, two more EPs were released called Underworld (Step Recordings) and Spheres (Breathing Room Records). In the latest productions and sets, he revolves around various forms of dance and electronic music which recall ethnic and percussion sounds, the synthesizer sound of the 1980s and the rawness of the 1990s, krautrock, ambient and psychedelia. Since 2017, he has been running his own radio show called Rotacje in Krakow’s Off Radio, and a related series of podcasts.

Leaving the hip-hop-rooted sound behind, Universo (Krakow, Poland) started with the Amazones EP for Transatlantyk label in 2015, and also appeared on some other releases – with afro-dance anthem Umhlaba (played by Legowelt) from Trans Afryka 12 or melancholic Nes Sous from the Polo House compilation album. The subsequent full releases were the Underwolrd EP for Catz-n-dogz Step Recordings and the Spheres EP for the Canadian Breathing Room Records. His production style and DJ sets connect the 1980’s synthesizer sound with the rawness of the 1990’s and some ethnic-percussion feeling. He also runs a radio show + podcast series called Rotations in Off Radio Krakow.

Funklore (MLDVA DJs)
Tomasz Jurecki (funklore, MLDVA, estropical, easy cheesy) – a DJ and musician who has been present on the Krakow music scene, in Kazimierz and at the Jewish Culture Festival for many years. His dance music is eclectic smoothly combining seemingly distant sounds. Expect a large portion of Turkish breaks, oriental psychedelia, tropical boom bap, etc.


Accompanying event, organizer: Hevre