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Вулицями краківського Казімєжа – Along the streets of Kazimierz. (UA)

26.06.2022 - 13:00 / Starting point: Cheder, ul. Józefa 36

In the streets of Kazimierz
A guided tour for families in Ukrainian

Irena Michałowicz

When walking along the streets of Kazimierz or drinking coffee in its charming cafes, you are not always aware of the richness of cultural and historical heritage that this place conceals.
I will be happy if you join me for a guided tour to discover Jewish culture and to talk about the traditions, religion, everyday life, joys and sorrows of Krakow Jews.
Taking legends and stories as our guides, we will discover for ourselves ul. Szeroka, the famous Remuh synagogue, a 16th-century cemetery, ul. Józefa, Isaac’s Synagogue, and Plac Nowy. The Tempel Synagogue will be the last place on the tour.

FREE ADMISSION, limited number of participants (30 persons), free entrance cards available at