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31st JCF says: Thank you all!

Dear Friends,

Yesterday the 31st edition of the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow came to an end. It is far too early to make any kind of recapitulation – the time to do so will come once the emotions cool down. And these emotions are still great, as the 10 days of the Festival materialize the whole year’s work. It is during the Festival that all our actions complete one another into one complete whole.

It is a great joy for us to see you coming to Kazimierz to enjoy the results of our work – all that we do is done just for you!

Yet each Festival is a great machine, involving hundreds of people: from artists and instructors, through the intepreteurs, yranslators, media, technicians, service providers to end with the volunteers and benefactors. The Festival office is like a lens which concentrates these all people and their actions.

None of these elements can be missing. The success of the Jewish Culture Festival is also the success of these hundreds of people: involved in many aspects of the preparation and execution of the JCF.

We would like to thank all of you – for your support, assistance and confidence. We would like to thank the Festival audience without whom our work would not make any sense. We work for you for the whole year, so that you could have, for these 10 days, the real festival of the Jewish Culture.

Let’s see each other in a year!

Janusz Makuch
Edyta Gawlak, Robert Gądek, Paweł Kowalewski,
Julia Lorenc, Michalina Pieczonka, Katarzyna Wydra
Maria Bobrowska, Klaudia Czaja, Monika Dyrlaga, Elżbieta Woch-Stopa

photos: Edyta Dufaj